Specialty services include the development and integration of pain psychology programs into healthcare systems and clinical care pathways.

To achieve clinical and cultural transformation Optimized Psychology uses a client-centered, multi-pronged approach to deliver evidence-based clinical and educational interventions across the spectrum of relevant key stakeholder groups, including:

  • Organization administrators and leaders
  • Physician and medical staff
  • Psychologist and mental health therapist staff
  • Multidisciplinary care teams
  • Patients
  • Public

Example products include:

  • Tailored group cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for chronic pain (6, 7, or 8 sessions). Manualized, evidence-based CBT protocol for mental health therapists.
  • Opioid Reduction Pain-CBT:  group cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic pain and opioid education
  • Physician / clinician CME lectures (“Pain Psychology as a Pathway to Optimize Patient Outcomes”)
  • Various targeted, single-session patient classes on pain psychology (E.g., “How Pain Psychology Can Help You”)
  • Therapist / healthcare clinician workshops on behavioral medicine for chronic pain
  • Therapist / healthcare clinician workshops on psychological approaches to reducing opioids
  • Clinical and cultural transformation strategic planning and combined deliverables to foster integration of behavioral medicine into all levels of a healthcare organization.